Nos domaines d'expertise

Wealth Management

We offer our select clients access to the world’s top banking institutions in Europe, in Switzerland, in Israel and in Hong Kong…

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Financial and Banking Advice

We work with our Clients to understand their specialized investment needs and we provide advice on and monitor allocations…

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Inheritance management

We offer portfolio management services to our qualified clientele and we make every effort to maintain and increase your capital…

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Financing for your projects

We analyze clients’ needs with regard to mortgage credit / loans and suggest an appropriate financing strategy. The client’s credit needs…

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Supporting you in succeeding in all your projects!

  • Our vision
  • Our advantageous features
  • Expert advisers

Based on the Aramaic word : ALMA, meaning : THE GLOBE, Alma Management is a Multi-Family Office established in early 2016, specifically devoted to an affluent International Clientele.

Alma Management offers you its expert knowledge of banking services, its expert advice on financial investments, on Wealth Management and Inheritance Management, and also supports you, if you so wish, in your search for and need for any Credit, whether a Home Loan or other credit.

Thanks to our team, which can speak more than 5 languages and has a presence in Israel, Europe and Asia, we offer you access to the prestigious banks of Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel and also other countries.

With our select partners, we design tailor-made solutions for our clientele.

Transparency : We ensure total transparency for you with regard to our costs and those of our partners, and we protect your interests in dealings with banks and with various partners.

Confidentiality : All information shared with us is preserved and protected, not only contractually but also by the banking confidentiality laws of our depositary banks which we offer to you.

Maintenance and growth of Capital : Our goal is to preserve Capital while at the same time offering growth at a reasonable price.

Worldwide Accessibility and Availability : Alma Management opens to you the doors of the best banking, financial and credit establishments of places such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Israel and Hong Kong.

ALMA MANAGEMENT has a number of advisers with extensive financial, legal and tax expertise. They will support you in achieving all your aims with peace of mind.

Our managers are very familiar with the risks of the products and transactions that they suggest to you, and they offer you the solution best suited to your situation.

Our experts are here to listen to you and analyze your requests in the minutest detail.


We have available a wide network of highly skilled partners throughout the world. We are continuing to grow in order to offer you the highest-performing asset solutions in close and constant collaboration with Banks and other Private financial partners such as insurance companies, accounting experts and Tax Attorneys.

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