Investment management

A fully integrated management service

  • An open architecture

    We can draw up, according to your criteria, a list of depositary banks and partners selected with care that we include in our offer.

    Whether in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Israel or Asia, we offer you the depositary banks that will meet your needs and your expectations regarding costs and services.

  • A mandate for management with the Advisory service or the Delegation service, as you prefer

    The success of our services rests above all on listening : defining your expectations, discovering and respecting your environment and your aspirations.

    Management with the Advisory service : Management with the Advisory service will meet your expectations if you would like to maintain complete autonomy in your choice of investments, steer the management of your portfolio yourself and dialogue with our team prior to carrying out your financial transactions.

    Management with the Delegation service : this choice allows you to delegate the financial management of your portfolio to ALMA MANAGEMENT, who will of course take into account your investment horizon, constraints and risk tolerance level.

    Our methodology offers you:

    • An in-depth individual assessment to define your profile.
    • An allocation of your assets established with entire freedom according to the constraints you establish.

    Our procedure can also include, where necessary :

    • Rigorous checks of banking fees and a transparent rate structure.
    • Periodic reports regarding transactions and positions in terms of risk, consolidated and processed within the time allotted. They include a diversification of counterparties for more effective risk management.


  • The advantages of our service

    • Benefit from a cross-section view of all of your assets.
    • Choose specific strategies : draw up entirely different portfolio profiles, more protective or more dynamic. You have access to assets, markets and sectors of all types.
    • Opt for different lenders and rates according to the type of management. You can choose all-in rates for very active portfolios or per-transaction commissions for more passive investments.
    • Benefit from our advice on choosing lenders who offer specific services.

Are you seeking proper management for your investment ?

Alma Management is here to support you !