Inheritance management

Structure your assets in the best possible way

  • What is inheritance management ?

    Inheritance management represents the technique used in the area of asset management. It is defined in this manner, as expertise at the service of asset management.

    Assets are first and foremost a legal concept, defined and framed by private asset law.

    Management therefore draws upon knowledge of different branches of law (family law, property and securities law, tax law, in particular), and on the mastery of the techniques that these call for.

  • A global approach to your assets

    The Methods that Alma Management uses are global methods :

    1. An interview aimed at defining your personal and professional situation, your tax circumstances, your wealth (assets, liabilities and off-balance sheet). Following this, goals will be set and ranked
    1. Analysis and recommendations: an overall asset statement analyzes the makeup of assets and their distribution, and makes it possible to determine their strengths and weaknesses with regard to the objectives sought. Solutions are suggested by implementing a strategy.
    2. Support :

    You will receive information in a written format :   statement of assets, recommendations. You will then be provided with a regular monitoring service.

    Only support provided over time, over the course of multiple generations, allows effective management of assets.

Are you seeking a better structure for your assets ?

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