Lombard Credit

Your own financial portfolio is a guarantee

  • What is a Lombard credit ?

    A Lombard credit allows you to borrow more, thanks to your financial placements

    In the same manner as mortgage loans, Lombard credits involve obtaining a loan by providing as a guarantee a securities investment held with a bank. This financial placement may be :

    • A portfolio of securities (shares, bonds, etc.)
    • A life insurance contract. In this case, the bank will request a delegation of debt in its favor regarding the life insurance contract
    • Liquid assets.

    The amount of the Lombard credit granted, or advance value, depends on the value of the securities investment which will be offered as a guarantee. The amount of the Lombard credit will not, for example, be the same for a share in a major listed group as for a bond in an equivalent company or a government.

    As a general rule, a Lombard credit allows borrowing of approximately 40%-50% of the value of shares in major listed groups, 60%-75% of the value of bonds in major listed groups and between 80% and 100% for Government bonds and euro funds offered by insurers.

    We accompany you in the process and present your file to various banking establishments in order to find the solution best suited to your needs


    Allocation of funds may be, as for mortgage loans, towards other real estate investments and/or a way of increasing the financial portfolio.

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