Mortgage credit and home financing

ALMA MANAGEMENT finds you solutions to help you finance and refinance real estate products with market values of between 2M and 250M EUR.

Whether the product is located in Switzerland, Israel, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Great Britain or other European countries, we guide you and support you in finding the Banking establishment that will meet your needs.

Our network is made up of multiple Israeli, Luxembourgish and Swiss banks.

We are specialists in seeking mortgage financing and refinancing in order to create liquid assets from all types of heritage properties (Villas, Apartments, boats.).

We prepare the dossier to be presented to the banks, present the dossier to the banks’ credit committee and accompany you right up to the point when you obtain funds.

The allocation of funds may be towards other real estate investments and/or a way of increasing or of creating a financial portfolio.

Do you need personalized advice to help you manage your wealth ?

Alma Management is here to support you !